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BEHIND the brand

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Danielle Amin, 28
Crysti Mccormick, 33

What started out as instagram friends from different provinces, quickly turned into a momfidante hotline after we were both pregnant in the same year. From complaining about our back ache, to not being able to find cute clothes to wear, to eventually helping each other get through the ups and downs of motherhood over the phone, a beautiful bond was created. Fast forward to 2021 after enduring all the highs and lows of finding clothes -AXK was founded in 2021 exclusively during nap time, lol.

OUR inspiration


August, 3 Years old

Kamaya, 1.5 Years old

Xayne, 3 Years old

AXK (pronounced by the letters) is a combination of the names of the three little humans that made us mamas.

This brand wouldn't exist if it weren't for them.

Thank you for trusting us with your comfort and style during such a sensitive time in your life. We've got your back, literally. It is our absolute passion to bring other mamas everything you didn't know you needed along your journey. This is just the beginning of a depthless vision. We encourage you to join the HOOD and come along for the ride. #motherHOOD 

With Love Always From Canada,

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